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Mustang on Rotissory

We Offer

• Pre-Show inspection and detailing - Going to a big car show and wondering if things are correct and "up to snuff"? We offer a pre-show checklist where we go over your car (Mustang) and point out details, items that we feel would cause point losses. We have access to several Gold Card Mustang Club of America judges who specialize in 1965-66 Shelby Mustangs and all 1969-70 Mustangs (Boss, Mach 1, etc.). We can also detail your car, correcting items we found in our inspection. Please contact us for more details.
• Body and frame repair - we have welders, plasma cutters, and acetylene torches to perform the basic metal replacement or straightening as required
• Rotissories : full vehicle and 3 foot lift - allows us to get to any part of the vehicle that requires attention
• Air powered sanders, files, and grinders - we are equipped with the most up to date air powered hand tools to make the smoothing of body panels both quick and correct
• Down draft paint room - our paint room is 25' by 25' with a double row of intake filters. Lighting is on all walls and ceiling. Air supply is fed through copper pipes with a double dessicant filter
• Education - our painter has attended numerous schools by the paint suppliers in order to keep our procedures up to date

Who we are

Started as Bryan Restorations in 1983 in Huntsville, Alabama. Business moved to Lacey’s Spring (8 miles away from original location) in 1994 and new building was started. Six months later, a 3000 sq. foot building complete with a built-in down draft paint booth finished. Business was incorporated in 1999 as CLASSIC CAR CONCEPTS

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